Periodontal Treatment

What is Periodontitis?

Periodontal disease, or periodontitis, is a gradual infection of the gums and the loss of the supporting bone. It is caused when the build up of plaque on and around teeth is not removed and hardens while releasing toxins that cause swelling, inflammation, and bleeding of the gums. This acts like a “splinter under your fingernail” and if untreated, can progress to an advanced stage known as periodontal disease that is associated with bone loss, tooth mobility, and even foul odor.


For mild cases of periodontal disease, Birmingham Smiles Dentistry offers a gentle deep cleaning and scaling to remove the bacteria causing the disease. Sometimes it is necessary to perform multiple rounds of this cleaning to get the gums as healthy as possible.

For more advanced cases, different treatment option including surgery may be discussed as well as a consult with a local periodontist that specializes in gum and bone therapy.