Bone Preservation


A bone graft can repair an area of the jaw where a tooth used to be, or any area where there is bone loss. This is often the first step in replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant. Usually, synthetic bone or sterile bone taken from another source is used to replace or grow new bone where needed.

Once placed, the area is given time to heal. During this time, the graft solidifies and permanently blends into your natural bone tissue. Once healing is completed, the damaged bone will have regained its original strength and stability, and further procedures such as a dental implant can be started.


Implants are a great option to replace missing teeth so patients can smile and chew again but there must be enough width in the jawbone. If a person’s jaw is too narrow, our doctors can rebuild its width with a lateral ridge augmentation graft and still allow for implants to be placed. A 3D X-ray is used to determine if this is necessary and plan your procedure.